A Professional Organization for Pediatricians of the Miami valley region

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The Western Ohio Pediatric Society

The Western Ohio Pediatric Society is an organization dedicated to the advancement of Pediatric medicine in the region of the Miami Valley of Ohio. The goal is to enhance the care of children with emphasis on the children of the Miami Valley.

To pursue this goal we aim to provide:

                 - opportunities for professional development and                             education

                 - grassroots access to national and state level  professional


                 - local support of children’s health issues

                 - a opportunity to network with professional peers

                 - collaborate with other professional organizations to   further children’s health

We are the regional representation to the Ohio Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics.





To contact us: StraderS@WesternOhioPediatricSociety.org



Phone: 937 –641-5128

Fax: 937-641-5941